One of the best ways to protect your roof is by ensuring that it has proper ventilation. Having a professional roofing contractor inspect the ventilation system can ensure that the air is flowing freely through the attic. Your ventilation system can work without fail if an experienced contractor implements it properly. At The Construction Group, we can make your ventilation system functional and design-friendly by helping you choose the right model for your home.


Why Your Roof Should be Properly Ventilated

Air will circulate better through a properly ventilated roof. Properly controlling the airflow also keeps moisture under control and maintains a dry environment in the attic. Moisture condenses in improperly vented areas that aren’t climate controlled. The result is rot wood, deterioration in the insulation, and mold development. Static condensation will ruin your roof, and possibly your entire ventilation and insulation systems. All of these conditions will cost you money in roof and attic repairs down the road.


Ventilation During the Winter

With high precipitation levels in Minnesota, snow and ice can cause a tremendous amount of moisture to invade your attic. Moisture leads to water, which, in turn, leads to ice on the inside of your home. Eventually the ice will melt, as running water leaks into your home. A well-ventilated roof can keep ice dams forming on top of the roof and moisture from getting inside the roof. We can inspect your side ventilation as well as any ventilation along the ridge of the roofing system to make sure there is adequate airflow.


Ventilation Guidelines You Should Follow

He are some basic guidelines that you can follow to keep your ventilation systems running adequately:


Venting the Attic. For the attic ventilation system to function correctly, the top level of the house must be completely airtight. Sometimes property owners install lights, hardware, or other fixtures that void the seal. This results in air seepage.


Venting the Roof Deck. The key here is to add enough vents and insulation strategically, to the right spaces, such as along the edge of the deck.


Cold Climates. In cold climates such as Minnesota, you must add an outer shell your roof to prevent ice damming.


These aeration systems are quite detailed and should not be installed by novices. At The Construction Group, we can help you save money, time, and energy by helping you protect your residential roofing system!


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