Deteriorating flashing means trouble for your roof. Without adequate flashing, there's nothing to prevent water from seeping down into your home. With time, trapped water leads to decay.  Each element of the roofing system needs maintenance to keep your home dry and comfortable. Can you tell if your roof or flashing has been damaged? A roofing contractor in Woodbury like The Construction Group can help you with roof repair by replacing the flashing and protecting your home.


Signs Your Flashing Repairs are Necessary

Most homeowners don’t think much about their roof until it becomes a problem. Common causes of roof damage occurs when flashing that redirects the water from objects protruding from your roof is damaged, missing, aged, or improperly installed. Look for these signs that your flashing may be deteriorating and require attention. 


Water Spots. If you notice water spots on the ceiling or down the walls, a water leak from the roof is the probable cause. Flashing failure could be the reason for water trickling down the attic and seep into drywall.


Sagging. Look for roof sagging. You should be able to notice areas of the roof are sagging by just looking. Check your attic for anything that looks out of line.


High Energy bills. Have you recently noticed that your heating and cooling bills are higher than average? Higher payments could be the sign of a roof with a leak or inadequate ventilation.


Missing Pieces. You may have found missing shingles, shakes, or tiles from the roof.


Benefits of Hiring a Professional Roofing Contractor

While many of you may be able to patch small damage with sealant, a professional, experienced roofing contractor should repair any significant damage to flashing on your roof. Here are five reasons why damaged roof flashing can affect more than just your roof:


Insurance. Your insurance may only cover work that a Minnesota licensed, and certified roofing contractor performs. Any personal work you perform could jeopardize the insurance policy coverage.


Warranty. The same goes with the warranty on the roof. Most roofs have both a manufacturer and contractor warranty. Performing your repairs could negate the liability that the warranty would otherwise cover.


Building Codes. Do you know the Minnesota building codes for roofs? Our contractors do. We ensure your roof is built or repaired to city ordinance as required.


Quality Control. Only a professional roofing contractor can guarantee a roofing job. They do so through warranties. We stand behind our work and can ensure quality control on every facet of the project.


Safety. Being on top of a roof is not safe for any reason. Our roofers are experienced and trained in safety techniques. The Construction Group employees also have the proper harnesses and other equipment to keep them safe.


Roofing Repair Services Available in Woodbury

Although roof damage may be costly to fix, it is always worth it. You should call a trusted roofing contractor who can perform a full assessment of the damage and restore your roof back to like-new condition. The Construction Group has helped Woodbury’s homeowners by repairing roofs, offering affordable rates, and providing fast service. Call us today for a free estimate at 651-731-5857, or you can message us on our contact page.