Rough carpentry adds value to your home with the extra space of an addition, deck or garage, while finish carpentrycarpentry adds value by making the existing space more functional or cosmetically appealing. The sky is the limit when it comes to finish carpentry, as anything you can imagine can be done. With that said, there are typical projects with proven results that add value, beauty and function to your home.

Kitchen Cabinetry

Kitchen cabinetry upgrades are one of the most well-known carpentry upgrades to your house. If you wonder why, consider how much time you, your family and your guests spend in the kitchen. Custom-designed cabinetry looks gorgeous and adds functionality to your kitchen by setting up a system in which the items you use daily are easily available, and the things you use only occasionally are still available, but stored out of sight when not in use.

Built-in Bookcases and Storage

Built-ins as a carpentry term can include floor-to-ceiling bookcases and lower and upper shelving in cabinets or entertainment centers. Built-ins fit well in your living room or den, in a bedroom or even a storage room, and they can be built with nuances in style according to their intended use. The commonality is they provide a means to keep your “stuff” organized out of sight while remaining available when you need to use it.

Molding Upgrades

Molding upgrades are cosmetic in nature, but apart from the appearance they provide, they demonstrate how well you take care of your home and the pride you keep in the overall appeal. Chair rail molding is a common feature in more upscale homes, along with shadow boxes or wainscoting. Crown molding can be installed if absent, and baseboard can be replaced with a higher quality or different design style. New window and door casings add a touch of personal style as a very noticeable feature when upgraded from the generic style that comes with most interiors.


Talk to a licensed professional contractor about how to improve your home with finish carpentry. Regardless of how simple or elaborate your ideas, an experienced professional can help bring your visions to reality and improve the value of your home.