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No other component of your home is more important than your roof. After all, it protects the contents of your home, the most important of which is your family. It keeps you warm, dry, and sheltered from the elements. But because your roof absorbs Mother Nature's punishment, there are issues - some very small - that can cause major trouble down the road. 

Have you noticed your shingles curling or cupping? Are shingle granules gathering in your gutters and the end of your downspouts? Are the metal components on your roof showing rust? If so, then it’s time to have a professional inspection of your roof.

All you have to do is call The Construction Group. Our expert project managers will promptly arrive and provide a fully detailed inspection of your roof system as well as make recommendations you can trust. The Construction Group. has over 30 years experience installing all types of roof systems on all types of homes ranging from historical to alternative architecture.

The Construction Group. has access to all product lines from every major manufacturer. Whatever style, texture, color, or price point you're looking for, we have it. 

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