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Why You Can't Afford Insulation Deficiencies

Energy audits are often overlooked by homeowners. With a focus on everyday projects in and around their homes, it’s easy to overlook the benefits of an energy audit. However, overlooking an energy audit year after year may cost you a lot of money. In fact, if you have low insulation now, you could be costing your household thousands each year.

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3 High-Value Areas to Remodel in Your Home

After making all the necessary changes and repairs, you may dream of a remodeling or a home upgrade project. Granite countertops, a grand double-door entrance, or an open bathroom with skylights are all ways to transform your home and make it comfortable for you, but do these projects add value to your home? We examined the 2016 Cost Vs. Value report for Minneapolis and saw a few interesting finds. You may be surprised to see what areas within your home can be remodeled or upgraded to give you the most bang for your buck.

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Why Summer Time is the Perfect Time to Think About Insulation

Ah summer time! The time of the year that Minnesota residents can enjoy the warm breezes and balmy temperatures that help them thaw out from their long winters. The last thing you probably want to think about is insulation, winter time and your home. Now is the perfect time to do so though and here's why:

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Kitchen Ideas and Themes

One of the most common home renovations is to conduct a full kitchen upgrade. Most people spend as much if not more time in their kitchen as any other room in the house, so it only makes sense to customize the room to suit your needs. If you watch the food channel on TV you’re already aware of how intricately well designed a kitchen can be, and probably have a few ideas about how to perfect your own kitchen for daily use. Those ideas and more can be accomplished by an experienced professional contractor; imagination and creativity are the only limits to how awesome your kitchen can be.

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