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Building Beyond Code: Taking Pride in the Job

Although building codes may seem like unnecessary bureaucratic rules at times, it’s important to remember the codes have a reason as they prevent structural failures.

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Built In Living Room Projects

Although kitchens and bathrooms are often the focus of renovations, the living room is where your family spends most of their time and the area your guests use when you entertain company. Although you may not think about remodeling the living room, there are ways to upgrade it and make the space more inviting. New paint and trim carpentry can change the feel of the room to a style which suits you, or to make a bigger change custom building projects can add focal points and help define the use of the space.

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Replacement Countertop Styles

When a house is built, it is often provided with functional yet basic and generic countertop. The reason is so the house will appeal to more potential buyers than custom countertops may attract, but now that you’ve bought the house there’s no reason not to upgrade to countertops you like better.  Today’s builders have access to a multitude of styles according to your tastes so the kitchen can become a place where you love to spend time cooking for yourself, friends, and family.

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Where to Start? Remodeling Projects

When buying a house, most people determine an area they want to live, look at a few houses and buy the one they fall in love with. In some cases they find a great deal and make the purchase knowing they’ll have ongoing projects to bring the house up to their standards, while other times the home seems perfect as is but after a few years the owners realize certain improvements which would make the house more conducive to their lifestyles. Other situations involve investment properties in which remodeling can increase the home’s value and the return on investment.

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