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Finish Carpentry Projects Add Value to Your Home

Rough carpentry adds value to your home with the extra space of an addition, deck or garage, while finish carpentry adds value by making the existing space more functional or cosmetically appealing. The sky is the limit when it comes to finish carpentry, as anything you can imagine can be done. With that said, there are typical projects with proven results that add value, beauty and function to your home.

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The Advantages of Pull-Back Insulation

Many homes either have a distinct deficit of insulation running along the rim joist of their roofline, while others just have whatever insulation is being used in this space jammed in to the very end. Neither application is optimal for ensuring that your roof ‘breathes’ properly, or instrumental in preventing rot, loss of insulation value, or other problems that may result over time.

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Your New Bathroom

Nearly every home can use a bathroom upgrade on occasion. An older house may show the signs of wear or simply be out of style while a newer house may have been built to a contractor’s generic standards without the personal touches you’d like to have available. Although fresh paint can provide a bathroom facelift, a full remodel can customize it better suit your needs.

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Carpentry Projects to Improve Your Life

If you’re like most homeowners, you have certain carpentry projects you’ve always wanted conducted to make your home nicer and your life easier. You may have been putting them off due to a known or perceived expense, or you may have second thoughts about how much you’ll really enjoy the addition, or you may not want the distraction of a construction project going on at the moment.

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