Your roof covers about 40 percent of your building’s overall visual exterior. Therefore, when choosing a color for your roof, you should consider all the factors involved and how they will affect your home’s design, efficiency, and cohesion with the rest of your property. Our experienced roofing contractors can help choose the right replacement roof for your house as well as the right color that enhances your home’s style. Below are some roof color considerations that will help you make the right decision.


Environmental Factors

Environmental factors should influence what color and tone you decide for your roof design. For instance, is it cold or warm? Should your roof stand out from the landscape or blend in with the scenery? Consider these factors:


Climate. Different color schemes work better in different temperatures, and through different types of precipitation, wind, sand, and other natural elements.


Sunlight. The sun shines at different angles throughout the day and casts shadows in different areas. It can affect the how you see the color of the roof.


Skyline. Do you want your roof to contrast an open sky, or to disappear into it?


Landscape. Get lost in the woods or pop out as a landmark for your guests.


Roof Color Can Affect Energy Efficiency

Some shingles are made to reduce on your carbon footprint. Darker shingles may keep your house warmer, but lighter shingles may reflect the sun’s rays and keep your house cooler. For climates in Minnesota, both colors will have an affect on how much the roof soaks in the sun’s heat and light.


Your Neighborhood

Your roof makes a statement to others by the design choices you make. Therefore, you may want to consider how well your roof color stacks up to the homes around yours. Color and style choices are important influences on how people assess an entire neighborhood. In a practical sense, it can even affect home market values.


Other Roofing Color Consideration


Shingle style. Shingle color, texture, and dimension can have an impact on your home’s design.


Architectural Highlights. Match your building’s overall architectural style.


Design Elements. Match the roof color with your windows, doors, siding, and gutters!


Personal Touch. Add whimsy or ornamental elements.


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