Although the Minnesota winters can be brutal on your roof, you shouldn’t discount the summer heat, the sun’s UV rays, and storms that sweep through the Twin Cities area. The Construction Group can inspect your roof and make the necessary adjustments.

Check out our blog about preparing your commercial roof for the warmer months. With maintenance and upgrades, your roof should be ready for the summer heat and sunshine.

The Effects of Heat On a Commercial Roof

Heat causes roofing materials to expand. If your commercial roof is made of wood, clay, plastics, and other similar substances, it may need to be equipped to handle the expansion.

The materials contract and shrink to their standard size once the sun goes down. The ongoing stretching and shrinking causes wear and tear on the materials. You may notice cracks, tears, or warps along the roof.

For this reason, you should schedule an inspection of your roof before the summer season heats up.

Preparing Your Roof for Summer

While the summer season is not stopping, we can help you prepare your roof for summer with standard maintenance and component upgrades.

Here are some you can partner with The Construction Group to reinforce your roof to withstand the outside elements!

Clean Up Debris

If we see any loose limbs, leaves, or other debris on your roof, we will remove it so that it doesn’t block water drainage or attract pests. Call us for a quick inspection, and let us remove the debris.

Look for Water Stains

If you see any water stains inside your building, either on the walls or ceilings, this could indicate that your roof has a leak that could worsen over time. It’s time to contact your roofing contractor.

Get a Complete Building Examination

We will assess the commercial roof surface to determine any deficiencies. If we find anything, we will submit a full report and provide you with solutions for strengthening the roof surface.

Inspect the Roofing Membrane

The most critical component of a commercial roof is the membrane. Most membranes have multiple layers that act as an insulative buffer to the roof’s foundation. We’ll look for tears or cracks in the membrane.

Check Roof Attachments

If the roofing membrane is mechanically attached to the roof surface, you may have some broken or open attachments. If it is connected via an adhesive, we can look for bubbles or loose areas where water can seep through the adhesive.

Don’t Forget Roofing Accessories

Does your roof have skylights, chimneys, or objects inserted through the surface? We’ll check that these areas are properly sealed and in good working condition. Loose seals can allow for water leaks to seep into the building.

Learn to Be Proactive About Your Roof

Commercial roofs need regular maintenance and inspections, just like any vehicle. Allowing working parts to become too old and damaged will pose additional stress on the entire roofing system, resulting in something far more expensive to repair later than the cost of preventative maintenance. There are some common signs your roof may be damaged.

Common Signs of Commercial Roof Damage

Building owners and Inspectors can check for common signs of commercial roof damage, which can immediately point to needed maintenance and repairs:

• Damage to the roof membrane, such as punctures or cracks

• Discoloration of walls or ceilings

• Water damage to walls and ceilings

• Caulking gaps around units on the roof

• Cracks in parapets

• Deterioration of the walls below the roof deck

• Nails or screws poking through the membrane

• Damaged or loose flashing

Complete Commercial Roofing Maintenance and Repair

Contact The Construction Group today if you are looking for a commercial roofing contractor in Woodbury, Minnesota, or the surrounding Twin Cities area. We provide comprehensive commercial roofing installation, repair, and complete system replacement. We can work closely with you to improve the look and performance of your roof.

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