Ivan, Opal, Andrew, Katrina, and now Harvey and Irma - what do all of these have in common? They are the names of hurricanes that have swept through the entire Eastern half of the country and have caused destruction all the way from the Southern and Eastern coastlines all the way up the Midwest.


Unlike earthquakes or tornadoes, hurricanes give ample warning of their arrival. Despite the warning, however, they cause a catastrophic amount of damage to land and property and cost American home and business owners billions of dollars in repairs. Although Minnesota property owners are unlikely to ever experience a hurricane in this part of the country, they still teach us a very valuable lesson about storm damage:


Prepare your home for natural disasters.


Where Does Preparation Begin?

If there’s anything we’ve learned from hurricanes is that you can never be too prepared to secure your home from a severe storm. We recommend a full pre-storm inspection of the key components of your home. This would include evaluating the stability of the following:


●        Roofing

●        Insulation

●        Siding

●        Gutters

●        Windows

●        Chimneys


We can assess all of these components to make sure they are structurally sound and in excellent condition. If we find critical areas that need to be repaired, then we will submit a full report and provide you with professional advice on what needs to be done to restore your home.


How Does Storm Preparation Benefit You?

The obvious answer is that it reinforces your home from destructive weather. But there are other advantages to storm-proofing your property. For instance:


●        Restoring the condition of your home will help you correctly identify storm damage in the event that a tornado, hail storm, or other intense weather hits the house.

●        After we perform the upgrades to your home exterior, your property value will increase. Your home will become more sellable.

●        Revitalizing your home will make it safer for your family. Loose roofing, siding, windows, or chimneys can become projectiles in strong winds. They can also crumble or fall into the home.

●        Your home will either meet or exceed all Minnesota state residential building codes. These codes are put into place to withstand heavy weather at high levels.


Prepare Your Home with The Construction Group

At The Construction Group, we want to help safeguard your home from storms and other severe weather. Whether you need a new roof installation or want to restore your siding, we can strengthen your home and keep your family safe. Call us today at 651-731-5857 and schedule an inspection. We provide service for all residential properties in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area.