Your chimney is probably not something you think about often, and especially not during the summer when your fireplace and heater aren't in use. However, the chimney does need to be cleaned and inspected regularly and on occasion repairs come up. Summer is a good time to conduct such a routine because you aren't using it and if it needs work, you can schedule it as is convenient rather than having to go without heat or change plans to accommodate a work crew to make the repairs.

Inspection and Maintenance

Inspections and maintenance for a chimney are fairly straightforward. Usually it involves cleaning, perhaps a replacement for the top cover, and while the contractor is there they can do a visual inspection and pressure test to check for leaks. A fireplace especially needs to be cleaned regularly, depending on how often you use it. If it's part of your heat system that you use daily during the winter, it needs an annual inspection and cleaning, maybe only every other year if you only burn a fire for special occasions. Your heater's chimney also needs regular inspection, how often depends on the type and age of your heater and is something best discussed with your contractor.

Masonry Repairs

Although masonry is known for its strength and the rarity of needing repair, it can sometimes crack in which case it can be a structural problem and a fire hazard. Your chimney goes through extremes of heat and cold which makes it expand and contract, which can cause cracks to occur over time. There are right and wrong ways to make such repairs and they require the service of a professional contractor as it isn't something the typical homeowner can do themselves. The job requires specialized tools and knowledge and typically requires someone who has the experience to conduct the repair quickly and efficiently rather than taking time to research and “figure it out” as they go.

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