A deck can be a nice place to spend your time, and especially if you enjoy being outdoors, it can almost seem like an extra room in your house. A fairly plain deck offers space for you to add your own furniture, but often there are customized options available for your specific needs and how you intend to use the deck. Check out a few ways we are able to help you customize your deck to fit your summer needs!

Size and Contours

Size is the most obvious feature of a deck. If you plan to read outdoors in the evening, you certainly don't need the same size deck as if your friends come over to sunbathe in the afternoon. Likewise, if you have a large family or whether it's just you and a significant other who spend time there, the size of the deck may vary according to need.

Contours can add depth and interest to a deck of any size. A rectangular deck with square corners is the paradigm, but having a radius extension or a curved edge can add an extra space which allows for an interesting look while defining a separate area from the rest of the deck or a special use for the area.

Built-in Seating and Tables

Benches along a railing can offer seating which is always available, even when you don't have your actual deck furniture set up. Tables which are permanent take up part of the space, but will always get used. Both will be appreciated and show a level of expertise by the carpenter who built your deck.


There are specific ways to build a deck toward common interests. Built in planters can be as simple as boxes with drainage holes attached along the edge of the railing, or can have integrated irrigation systems and power outlets for lights and tools. If you enjoy relaxing in a hot tub, you'll need extra support built in to hold the extra weight. If you use your deck for grilling, you might be amazed at the number of options you have for installing a permanent outdoor kitchen.

Your only limitation is imagination. To build your dream deck contact a representative from The Construction Group, Inc. We are happy to help you explore your ideas and design a deck that is perfectly fit for your outdoor space. For more information visit us online or give us a call at 651-731-5857.