Older homes hold a particular charm for some people. They were built with interesting details and unique wood work that is not found in today’s modern style homes. As homes age so do the components that keep it strong, sturdy and safe. Take a look at different areas of your home that could experience damage from aging.



Some may say the roof is the most important part of the house as it provides the first level of protection against the elements. As roofs age, they can lose their strength and durability against rain, snow, wind and other elements. Checking your roof's condition frequently can be the difference between a flooded home or a dry place to stay. As your home ages consider having an expert evaluate your roof is safety and strength to maintain your home for as long as possible. If a new roof is in order, there are new eco-friendly roofs that we can install and get your home back on track to keep you and your family safe.



Siding is another important aspect of your home that can become damaged over time. As time goes on siding can shrink or expand based on the weather. This damage can lead to nails failing or the siding of the house becoming loose. Since siding works as a system to hold itself in place, once a piece is loose or comes off the house, the surround siding pieces are also compromised. If you notice that your siding has been compromised or seems to be out of place, contact a contractor today. They can assess the issue and let you know how it can be prepared.


Preserving an old home is important to those who have lived there for a long time, so don’t let the big picture fade from your sight. Check your roofing and siding throughout the years to make sure your home is safe from the elements while you continue to enjoy living there. If you are interested in having a licensed contractor evaluate your home give us a call at  The Construction Group. We have years of experience repairing and updating homes of all ages. You can contact us at 651-731-5857 or visit us online at www.the-construction-group.com.