As spring approaches, grills come out and invitations are sent for afternoon and evening grilling. You may use the grill on a patio or on the lawn, but an easily accessed deck is potentially the nicest way to enjoy cooking outdoors. In addition to grilling, decks can be a great place to sunbathe or chat on with friends while children play in the yard. Any typical generic style deck will do, but if you take the time to put in some extra thought the sky is the limit as to what customization you can add to your deck to make it nicer for your daily use and more inviting for your guests.

Built-In Seating and Storage

Seating, or benches, can always be installed along the safety railing of a deck. Not only does it provide a comfortable place to sit down while leaving the center of the deck clear for traffic, benches provide an extra barrier against the edge of the deck while providing structural support to the railing. Further options can include cabinetry, or even enclosed storage space under the bench to store your outdoor accessories neatly and out of sight.

Multiple Levels

Nothing really customizes a deck like multiple levels. When separate levels of patio and decking are connected by steps and catwalks, each area develops its own purpose and function. An area outside the bedroom can be the perfect place for private sunbathing while a section outside the kitchen is great for outdoor cooking. A connected deck adjoining the living room can provide easy access to the grill area while providing a place for guests to meet and greet without being in the cook’s way. A small patio adjoining the basement door can be a perfect place for friends during sports seasons who watch the game in the basement and want to step outside for a breath of fresh air.

Ultimately, the deck you want is going to come down to your lifestyle and how much you and your friends enjoy the outdoors. The deck is a standard part of any modern house, and you can consider any customization imaginable as you see would be useful for you, your family, and your company.