Spring weather brings the building season and is a common time when people like to conduct renovation and remodeling projects at their homes. Especially for people who like to entertain, there is a typical comfort and stability during the winter holiday season but construction projects show guests for summer parties how much the homeowner enjoys their house and what they put into it to make it welcome their company.

Home Renovations

Nothing will make your guests feel more welcome than kitchen and bathroom renovations. Whether your friends are single or visit as part of a married couple's date, they will enjoy being able to freshen up in a nice powder room. As amazing as the food you cook is, it's even better with a great presentation and that applies to more than simply using nice china and serving platters but begins with a nice kitchen where your friends will congregate and chat for awhile while they admire the work you had done to make the kitchen feel like a home.

Decks, Patios, and Additions

Decks and patios are simply a part of summer life in America. Whether you prefer coffee or hot tea, lemonade or iced tea, or any drink with a touch of spirits added, nothing is quite so relaxing as to sit outdoors and enjoy it casually during a conversation with beloved friends and family. Whether an older deck needs a bit of care, or if it's time for a complete rebuild, winter is the time to plan for it and early spring is the time to build it.


Additions to a contractor are different than what the term may mean to a homeowner. Of course a full extension of your home can be built with new foundation and a changed footprint of your house's blueprints, but it doesn't have to be so complicated. Converting an unfinished basement space to a movie theater or game room is an addition to your home, as is finishing an unused attic space to provide an extra guest room. A free standing garage can be built to house a boat, motorcycle, or RV. Think about how you want to enjoy the summer weather and determine what will best suit your needs.