With the New Year right around the corner, it’s time for new beginnings. As a homeowner, you can transform the world around you and positively impact your disposition each day. Keep reading to learn four home improvement ideas to kick-start your 2017.

Get a New Look with New Windows

There is a lot of talk about winterizing your home. One key component to ensuring that your home is winter ready is getting new windows. These days, windows are made more efficiently. Window manufacturers are employing multiple strategies to ensure windows are more energy efficient. They’ve placed gas between the panes, improved window seals, and more.

Beyond enhanced functionality, new windows can change the look of your space. If you are looking for a different look, consider incorporating a bay or bowed window.

Remodel Your Kitchen

Another home improvement that never goes out of style is a kitchen remodel. With a kitchen remodel, you can increase the space in your kitchen, allowing you and our family to bond over meals. You can also upgrade your appliances, which will reduce the amount of energy your home consumes. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to your kitchen remodel, so get started today!

Upgrade Your Bathroom

Everyone values an upgraded bathroom. In fact, most people wouldn’t mind having a spa-like bathroom. If that is your goal, then you can easily make it a reality with a few strategic changes. Consider incorporating a standalone bathtub and shower to get a modern look. Once that’s done, upgrade your flooring to tie everything together.

Change Your Siding

Siding is a favorite for homeowners. It’s easy to maintain, cost-effective and comes in a variety of styles. If you want to overhaul your home’s exteriors, then consider getting new siding installed on your home. Many Minnesota residents find that mixing and matching siding is a great way to get the look they want for their homes, without spending a lot of money.


At The Construction Group, we are experts in home improvement projects. If you want to transform the look of your home, then we encourage you to give us a call today to set up an appointment.