Upgrading your fireplace may seem like a small project. It’s a very small space, and it’s not used often. However, when you consider the safety implications of a failed fireplace update, then you realize renovating your fireplace is a big deal. Fortunately, by considering the four factors listed below, you’ll have no regrets when it’s time to unwind in front of your new fireplace.

Gas, Electricity, Wood, or Propane?

If you are replacing your fireplace, you don’t have to reinstall the same type of fireplace. With so many options on the market, you may want to consider getting an electric, wood, or gas fireplace. The best way to determine what fireplace will work for you is to consider the cost. You don’t want to break the bank when it comes to heating your home. On the other hand, if heat isn’t the primary function of your fireplace, then you may consider style only.

What Size Is Best for Your Household?

Whether your fireplace is a source of heat or not, you must consider the size of your unit. If you don’t need the heat of the fireplace, but you like to watch the flames, then you must ensure that your fireplace is the same scale of your existing furniture. You don’t want to purchase an oversized or undersized fireplace, which would take away from the overall look of your room.

When you rely on your fireplace for heat, then size matters. Typically, a big fireplace will perform better. However, don’t get a fireplace that is too big. You want to prevent the escape of as much air as possible, and a smaller fireplace will do just that.

Contractor or DIY?

Many homeowners consider installing their fireplace because it will save them money. Unfortunately, many DIY projects lead to insurance claims and cost more than homeowners anticipate. You shouldn’t install your fireplace or insert. Instead, you should hire professional like our team at The Construction Group. We consider all risk factors and your aesthetic desires to make sure you get a fireplace you will enjoy for years.

Your Mantel Matters

Fireplaces aren’t complete without a mantel. If you are changing the style and size of your existing fireplace, then you should consider changing your mantel as well. You should consider the style and the material of your mantel before deciding what mantel is best for your home.

At The Construction Group, we are happy to help you renovate your fireplace. We specialize in safe and cost-effective home improvement projects, and we look forward to helping you enhance your home. Give us a call today to make an appointment for an assessment.