Now that 2022 is in full swing, it’s a great time to start thinking about refreshing your space with a new kitchen, living room, or bathroom design. With so many fantastic looks and designs already taking this year by storm, now is the time to enhance your exterior or interior aesthetic with a home remodeling upgrade!

From retro-inspired designs to Nordic minimalism, it's never been easier to completely transform your home with a beautiful new space you’ll love coming home to.

At The Construction Group, our home remodeling contractors love helping homeowners transform their design dreams into reality, from inspired paint designs to trim carpentry and more. That's why we’re breaking down some of the hottest home design trends for 2022 to help you get inspired!

Check out some of the home design trends shaping 2022 below.

1. Black Window Frames And Accents

Although this design trend arrived on the scene in 2021, it's only grown in popularity over the past year. Black accents have a way of punctuating a space and making it pop. Black window frames also look outstanding inside and outside a home and can even look great against white siding.

For a front door that stands out, consider updating your entry door with a lacquered black replacement door. Updating your appliances with black is also a great way to make the most of this trend.

2. Outdoor Living Spaces

Now that families are spending more time at home than they have in decades, more homeowners are looking for ways to transform their backyards to maximize their functionality.

With a few carefully-planned updates, you can makeover your backyard into a comfortable outdoor living space that gets you in touch with nature. From a custom deck to a beautifully designed outdoor fireplace, we can help you create an outdoor paradise you’ll look forward to spending time in.

3. Cheerful Kitchen Updates

Over the past few years, homeowners have been looking for ways to transform their homes with cheerier kitchen renovations that capture more optimism and vitality.

Try updating your kitchen with a sunnier yellow or warmer off-whites in shades like buttercream. Maximalism is also a great look in the kitchen, which can be achieved by mixing up textures or adding a dramatic backsplash to your space.

4. Exterior Home Furniture

Home design trends 2022 aren’t limited to just the interior of homes. Outdoor furniture and designs are being raised to a whole new level as people for outdoor relaxation but still want to be within the comfort of their homes.

You can expect high-quality outdoor furniture arrangements in many homes in 2022. The emphasis of these high-end outdoor oases will be on comfort, relaxation, and entertainment. 

5. Warm Wood Tones

Home painting specialists are coming up with more colors that are different from traditional colors that have been adopted for decades. In fact, a new color is gracing many homes from a mix of washed-out gray tone and ultra-dark furniture.

While warm, medium-tone wood tones are already popular for flooring, people are also beginning to adopt the warm or slightly stained wood tone in their furniture decor.

6. Touch of Antique

While many homeowners tend to adopt new design ideas fast, plenty of people still prefer more traditional touches and antique decor in their home’s design. One of the reasons people are gravitating towards antique home decor is its richness in history. Some antique home design considerations include velvet chairs, ornate mirrors, and fringe-lined couches.

Having this design for your home does not mean getting rid of your modern high-end pieces; instead, it suggests mixing and matching current furniture decor with antiques to keep the house feeling timeless.

7. More Sunlit Spaces

Not many homeowners would think of the sunlight as a piece for home decoration. But expert home designers think otherwise. Instead of creating an electric-powered lighted room, many homes are adding a home design that allows the sun to let light into some rooms naturally.

The perfect example of such a room can be a game room or home theater.

Transform Your Twin Cities Living Space

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