One of the best ways to transform the feel of your home is with a fresh coat of paint. You can get a lot of mileage with a new coat of interior paint in your bedroom, living room, or kitchen. But sometimes, settling on the right color can be something of a challenge, especially since you want to make sure you’re choosing something you’ll love until your next remodel!

At The Construction Group in Woodbury, we love a good room remodel as much as the next guys. In this post, we’re taking a closer look at some of the most attractive paint trends for 2022. To get a quote on remodeling services for your Twin Cities home, give us a call today!

1.   Blast from the Past

Per the design pros over at Vogue, 1970s colors and design motifs are huge right now. But don’t get hung up on thinking this design trend is all about kitsch and nostalgia. Although we won’t judge you for putting up a macrame owl or draping vintage blinds on your windows, design pros are generally drawing on some of the more timeless aspects of the late 1960s to mid-1970s.

Think bohemian olives and neutrals you’d find in nature; warm vintage hues like burnt orange, ochre, and rust; and gorgeously geometric pieces. If you love the idea of reaching back into old Polaroids for design inspiration, set the backdrop with a neutral earth tone to build your furnishing palette against.

2.   Avant Basic Design

Social media apps like Instagram and TikTok have had an indelible impact on home decor, and one of the hottest interior design looks to come out of this mashup is what’s known as the Y2K aesthetic. Inspired by the late ‘90s and early aughts, this design aesthetic hearkens back to the first big dot-com boom and marries tech-inspired optimism with pop culture.

While younger generations are diving into vivid pastels like periwinkle, lilac, fuschia rose, and bubblegum pink, there is a more adult version of this aesthetic that looks simply fabulous: avant basic. According to PureWow, you can achieve this aesthetic by balancing minimalist whites, grays, and near-neutral pinks with occasional pops of bold pastels and blacks in your furnishings.

3.   Subdued Sunshine

In the wake of the pandemic years, more homeowners are looking for an interior design chance that brings in some warmth and elevates their space. Yellow is especially big for use in kitchens and dining rooms. While yellows are the perfect prescription for interior cheer, they can also be hard to work with. That’s why many design experts are recommending nostalgic, subtle yellows that don’t announce their presence by screaming.

Apartment Therapy recommends reserving brighter yellows like lemon, banana, or butter for use in kitchens and breakfast nooks. For something a little less intense with the same impact, a gentle peach hue can be just as effective. Stick to more understated, moodier shades for bedrooms and primary living spaces.

4.   The Evergreen Look of Greens

Greens have been a popular design look for a while now, but they’re bigger than ever as a home design trend in 2022. Homeowners and design pros are turning to green as a reminder of everything healthy, natural, and holistic. When subtler shades of green are employed, they can act almost as a neutral color and pair beautifully with the addition of plants to a space. For a more vibrant look, consider adding a jewel-toned green that elevates your space by infusing it with inspired, healthy energy.

5.   Warm Shades of Natural Stone

In a world where grays and whites have dominated the design team for far too long, a return to warmer hues is a welcome change for many. As an alternative to these minimalist tones, more designers are turning to warmer natural hues that call to mind stucco or sandstone. These shades add a sense of nature to a space and work well with leather furnishings and quieter home design notes.

6.   Depth and Drama

If you want to add sophistication and elegance to your interior space, deep charcoals, grays, and blacks look absolutely stunning. Dark walls are surprisingly versatile, creating a dramatic and chic look when paired against gold accents or a more industrial look when combined with shades of gray and natural wood. Dark walls also look spectacular as a backdrop for art, since vibrant colors seem to come alive against the sleek background.

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