Is your home keeping you warm this winter? If you’re struggling to keep your house warm or you’re spending way too much on your monthly energy costs, you might need to consider giving your attic insulation a boost.

Besides keeping heat inside your home during the cold winter months, attic insulation is one of the unsung heroes of your home, keeping out sounds, water, and pests while preventing ice dams that could damage your roof. Unfortunately, over time, your insulation can start to break down, taking its benefits with it.

In this post from The Construction Group in Woodbury, MN, we’re looking at the top signs your home might need attic insulation. To connect with our home insulation services, give us a call today.

1.   You have ice dams.

Next time there’s been snow on your roof for a few days, take a walk around the perimeter of your house. Are there icicles hanging from the edges of your roof? If so, you probably have ice dams, and they’re wreaking havoc on your roofing shingles.

As heat rises during the winter months, it travels by conduction through your underinsulated roof, melting the snow on top. This snow will refreeze when it reaches the edge of your roof, forming a dam. The water trapped by ice dams has nowhere to go, which means it can get into your home and damage your roof. Ice dams can also rip your gutters right off of your roof.

2.   Your insulation has water damage.

If your home has undergone roofing repairs in the past few years, there’s a good chance your attic insulation is in less than prime condition. It’s always a good idea to have your roofer take a look at your insulation and attic anytime you’re having work done and knock out any repairs at the same time.

3.   Your heating bill is shocking.

We expect our utility bills to be a little high during the winter months. But if they’re shockingly high, it probably means your furnace is having to work far too hard to keep up with the heat you’re losing through your attic and walls. Attic insulation upgrades and spray foam wall insulation should make a dramatic difference in your heating and cooling costs.

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