Home improvement shows can be a lot of fun to watch. There are few things quite as satisfying in life as watching a home go from tragic to magic in the span of a half-hour episode. With a seemingly limitless budget, every project is a dream come true, and there’s never any mess to clean up afterwards.

But if reality TV has left you feeling inspired, don’t expect your own home improvement project to be quite so seamless. Back in the real world, whole home remodels are an enormous undertaking, and there’s no production team to help you come in under budget or make sure everything looks perfect.

Although we can’t make it happen in a half hour, our team at The Construction Group can help you pull off a beautiful home exterior remodel. In this post, we’re breaking down everything you need to pull off a stunning total home exterior remodel. To get started on yours, give us a call!

1.   Hire the Right People

There’s one thing most of those reality shows have in common, and that’s a solid team of experts working to pull of a dream remodel that’s fit for television. While the thought of rolling up your sleeves and taking on a remodel Bob Vila style can be exciting, it’s easy to get in over your head.

It’s also important to make sure you’re hiring licensed contractors with solid insurance and safety standards. In the era of Google, shifty amateur contractors who promise more than they can deliver are a dime a dozen. Never let anyone touch your home without checking out their reviews and making sure they’ve got the right licensing and credentials to protect your home, your family, and your investment.

2.   Establish a Budget Early

Even if you want to go big on your total-home exterior remodel, it’s easy to end up paying far more than you planned, especially once you get into some of the bigger projects like roofing, windows, and siding replacement. Work with your contractor to line up financing options, establish a budget, and develop goals that help increase your home’s ROI.

3.   Organize Your Remodel Project

Keep track of everything related to your remodeling project closely. You can go old-fashioned and use a three-ring binder to keep track of product samples, warranties, quotes, and deadlines. Or download a digital project tracker to manage important dates and scan important documents you don’t want to lose track of. Be sure to let your family and neighbors know when to expect work at your home.

Schedule Your Total-Home Exterior Remodel

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