There’s nothing quite like the enduring beauty of natural cedar. This timeless tree hails from damp climates, making it one of the most durable types of wood. Cedar has long been a favorite among home builders for its enduring beauty and design versatility. And thanks to innovations in modern siding manufacturing techniques, cedar is more durable than ever before.

In this post from The Construction Group in Minnesota, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about cedar siding and why we love it. To find out more about cedar siding options for your Twin Cities home, give us a call.

Check out these great reasons to fall in love with cedar siding:

1.   Cedar is durable and resistant to extreme weather.

One of the main problems with wood siding is that it’s prone to a wide range of damage as a natural wood product. When you see siding that’s split, bubbled, warped, or rotting, it’s natural wood siding. However, due to its molecular composition, cedar typically resists these types of problems. It can even stand up to some of the most severe weather.

2.   Pests don’t like cedar.

Another problem with wood siding is that it can be a magnet for pest infestations. Few things are more frustrating than dealing with a serious termite infestation or finding out that squirrels have burrowed through your fascia and into your attic. Not only does this damage your siding, but it allows moisture to seep into your home where it can do all sorts of damage.

Over time, these types of infestations can be more than a mild nuisance, leading to severe structural damage in some cases. But unlike other types of wood, cedar’s oils are a natural repellent for pests and critters including insects like ants, mosquitoes, cockroaches, moths, and even termites.

3.   Cedar is naturally quiet.

If you live in the Twin Cities metro area, you know there are few urban and suburban neighborhoods that are free from the noise pollution of the city. Depending on where you live, sounds from nearby roads, airplanes and helicopters overhead, loud neighbors, and trains can keep you up at night. One of the best things about cedar siding is that cedar’s natural porosity lends it noise absorption qualities that make homes much quieter. When paired with good insulation, you’ll enjoy a significantly more peaceful living space. 

4.   You may lower your home energy usage.

There is no question that Minnesota residents have a heavy energy footprint thanks to our climate. Winters can be tremendously cold in this part of the country, and the summer months can be incredibly hot. During the spring and fall months, it’s not uncommon to have to go back and forth between your heater and air conditioner. And all of this can hit your home energy usage hard, causing your monthly heating and cooling costs to skyrocket.

On the other hand, when your household is using less energy, you’re spending less on your energy bills and enjoying a warmer, more comfortable home all year long. And your household energy footprint is also much lower, which means you’re doing your part to help reduce your household’s impact on the environment. Because cedar retains natural insulation properties, it’s one of the best options available for energy savings.

5.   Cedar siding is one of the most attractive siding options.

When it comes to aesthetics, cedar is exceptional when compared to other wood and siding materials. Cedar is naturally warm and rustic, adding to a home’s natural character. The natural color and wood grain of cedar siding looks especially spectacular when juxtaposed against the green of a spring landscape, enhancing a home’s curb appeal tremendously.

While other types of wood siding require paint that can chip and peel over time, cedar is just as lovely without paint. Because of its stunning natural color and rich grain, cedar can be incredibly attractive with only a clear finish. Additionally, other types of wood generally age as the years go by, eventually losing their color and becoming a bland gray hue. Cedar, on the other hand, retains its warm, reddish-gold or honey hue as the years go by.

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