Your home is your castle. It’s the place you want to be most at the end of a long day and a welcoming sight when you’ve been away for too long. That’s why keeping your home in good condition is so important. But when the sight of your siding shows the years, it’s no longer protecting your home the way it’s meant to.

At The Construction Group in Minnesota, we help homeowners keep their homes in great shape through the years. Check out these common signs that your siding needs to be replaced and then give us a call to schedule your siding replacement services today.

Does Your Siding Need To Be Replaced?

Updating your siding is one of the best ways to invest in your Minnesota home. Not only does it add to your home’s curb appeal, but it also pays off in terms of energy savings, reducing your monthly bill and your energy footprint.

Look for these signs that your siding could use an update:

1.    Faded Color

 Over time, painted siding can fade with years of exposure to solar radiation and the elements. If your siding has lost some of its vibrance, consider replacing it with high-performance vinyl siding that won’t fade or chip as time passes. Vinyl siding is available in a wide range of colors and designs and is the most popular siding choice in the region.

2.    Siding Rot

If any of your siding shows signs of rot or crumbling, assume there is more significant damage lurking underneath the surface. At The Construction Group, we can install weather-resistant siding material that won’t rot or decay when exposed to the elements.

3.    Mold Growth

Mold, mildew, and fungus growing on your siding pose a threat to the inside of your home as well. When mold infiltrates your home, it creates a potential threat to your family’s health and can even lead to structural damage.

4.    Warping

Wood siding can become warped, crack, or even split. For the look of real wood with the durability and performance of steel siding, consider updating with fiber cement or LP Smartside siding.

Contact a Trusted Minnesota Siding Contractor Today

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