Every year, the importance of sustainability in our lives and homes becomes more apparent. That’s why more homeowners than ever before are searching for innovative housing materials that promote sustainability when renovating their homes.

At The Construction Group in Minnesota, we offer a wide range of home remodeling services for Twin Cities homes including many sustainable solutions. If you’re looking for a sustainable replacement siding solution, fiber cement siding is a solid bet. Here’s what you need to know about fiber cement siding and sustainability when investing in siding replacement services for your home.

Design Versatility

Fiber cement is incredibly versatile in its design possibilities and is capable of mimicking the look of a wide range of siding materials. Today’s fiber cement siding even has wood grain details so you can enjoy the timeless appeal of natural wood siding with a longer-lasting material.

Long-Lasting Siding

One of the keys to sustainable building materials is longevity. While vinyl is longer-lasting than wood, fiber cement is one of the longest-lasting building materials next to metal siding. If well cared for, fiber cement siding can last for several decades. This longer lifespan also means you’ll save money on repairs and siding replacement for years and even decades down the road. And with fewer repairs needed than wood and vinyl, you’ll see a better return on your investment in terms of ongoing maintenance.

Powerful Durability

Not only does fiber cement last longer, but it helps to protect your home longer thanks to its incredible durability. Fiber cement siding is highly resistant to all of the following:

●        Hail

●        Heavy rain

●        Snow

●        Impact

●        Insect infestation

●        And more

Recycled Materials

One of the beautiful things about fiber cement siding is that it incorporates fewer resources than other types of siding. It also includes recycled materials like cement and recycled woods, making it one of the most sustainable siding materials available today.

Energy Savings

Fiber cement is an excellent insulator, helping to complete the thermal barrier or envelope surrounding a home and saving on energy use. Over time, this can add up to significant savings in terms of energy costs while reducing your household’s carbon footprint.

Call The Construction Group Siding Replacement Pros

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