Have you or a family member been injured while taking a shower or bath? You may be surprised to learn that bathroom-related injuries are far more common than most people realize. According to the CDC, 235,000 individuals visit the emergency room every year due to an injury while showering or bathing. This risk becomes more pronounced as we grow older.

At The Construction Group, we offer a complete range of home remodeling services to make your home safer and more functional. In this post, we’ll break down a few ways you can reduce the risk of injury while remodeling your bathroom. Call to connect with a bathroom remodeling contractor and discuss ideas for transforming your space.

Building Better Bathrooms

As more homeowners reach their retirement years, they’re starting to think about ways to make their homes more livable. But this trend toward blending form and function isn’t just for seniors. New homes across the country are starting to feature bathroom specifications aimed at making life more comfortable and easier.

Here are some of the most coveted bathroom design trends for safety and comfort:

1.   Taller Toilets

For individuals with mobility issues, using the toilet can be more than difficult. It can also increase their risk of a slip-and-fall accident. Installing a taller toilet can make life significantly easier while making the bathroom safer at the same time. With a “comfort height” toilet, users can more easily sit down and stand back up again. These taller toilets are typically about two inches taller than a standard toilet at the minimum.

2.   Higher Shelving

If you have children in your home, it’s important to keep medications and cleaning products safely out of their reach. We can install custom shelving or retrofit your bathroom with a locking cabinet or drawers so medications are inaccessible to small hands.

3.   Better Showers

No matter what your age, shower slips are a very common risk. By installing slip-resistant tile floors, a shower bench, a handheld showerhead, and a no-threshold shower, you can transform your shower into a relaxing oasis that’s safer for your entire family.

Woodbury Bathroom Remodeling Services

If your new year’s resolution is to transform your bathroom into a beautiful space you’ll love to relax in, we’re happy to help. To get your free quote on Woodbury bathroom remodeling services, contact The Construction Group at 651-731-5857 or contact us to schedule your bathroom transformation. Happy New Year from all of us at The Construction Group!