It’s beginning to look a lot like winter here in Woodbury, and there’s nothing that says winter more than a landscape of fluffy white snow. While a winter wonderland can be nothing short of magical, especially around the holidays, it isn’t always wonderful for your roof. Although icicles can be pretty, they can cause untold damage to a home’s roof and gutters.

At The Construction Group in Woodbury, we offer a number of roofing and gutter services including ice dam removal. In this post, we’ll get into the impact all of that winter snow and ice can have on your residential roof. Give us a call to discuss residential roof services for your Minnesota home. 

The Danger of Rooftop Ice

If you’ve seen the holiday classic A Christmas Story, you know how dangerous an icicle can be to kids at play and family members passing by. Because they’re made from water, icicles can be quite heavy, causing injuries to vehicles and individuals when they become dislodged. But rooftop icicles are also an indicator of trouble that could cause damage to your home.

Anytime you see icicles forming on the edge of your roof, you can also expect to find ice dams. An ice dam is exactly what it sounds like: a dam made of ice. Ice dams form when snow melts on top of your roof, causing water to run off and then refreeze at the roof’s edge. This effect may be caused by inadequate rooftop insulation or by damaged gutters as they fail to allow proper drainage.

Ice dams function like any other dams by preventing water from passing off of your roof and traveling down through your gutter canal system. In turn, this water can cause significant damage to your roof and home.

Here are a few more tips for preventing snow and ice damage to your home:

●        Be especially careful if your roof is a low-slope roof.

●        Check your attic and home ventilation.

●        Replace your roof if it’s older than a decade since modern roofs are better able to withstand the weight of a heavy ice and snow load.

●        Have ice dams professionally removed for your safety.

●        Upgrade your attic insulation to reduce ice dams.

●        Conduct an annual roof inspection to spot and repair shingle and gutter damage that can make your home more vulnerable during winter.

Call Our Woodbury Minnesota Ice Dam Removal Service

Removing ice dams yourself during the winter months can be a dangerous task and is best left to the professionals. That's why it’s a good idea to keep our number at The Construction Group on your speed dial.

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