If you’re thinking of updating your windows or making a dramatic home exterior transformation, black window frames are one of the hottest home trends. Homeowners are loving the look of black frames both inside and outside a home. This design look is stunning and attractive in many types of homes and architectural designs.

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In this post, we’ll discuss the reasons to love the black frame design and ways to use them to transform your home. Give us a call to learn about window replacement options for your home.

Reasons to Love the Black Frame Look

Here are a few of our favorite reasons to love the black frame look for your replacement windows.

1. They Add Contrast

When your home has a lighter exterior, black window frames can outline the space from the outside. At the same time, they create a clearly defined frame for the view when seen from inside a home.

2. They’re an Affordable Upgrade

Most window manufacturers offer black window frames at the same price point or only slightly higher than basic white, making them one of the most affordable upgrades you can purchase. Replacement windows can also make your home more energy-efficient, adding up to energy savings over the years.

3. They Look Stunning From Outside

The true beauty of black frame windows becomes apparent when the home is lit from the inside. Although black frame windows are less noticeable during the daylight hours when the home isn’t lit, they become nothing short of stunning when the evening lights come on.

4. It’s a Versatile Look

Like the wildly popular farmhouse look, black frames are highly versatile, adding a bold, industrial look that fits well with most styles of residential homes. Black frames provide an attractive, elegant backdrop for a wide range of home interior design looks, making them worth the commitment.

Ways to Use the Black-Framed Windows

If you need inspiration on how you can add the black-framed windows to your home, below are some beautiful ways to do that.

1. Blend With the Background

If your home features such as furniture and siding already have a dark hue, you can turn your home into a cohesive whole if you finish your window with black frames. Doing with will match the original background color of your home and give it a stunning appearance.

2. Choose Dark Colors for Your Window Trim

Another way you can beautify your home with black-framed windows is by choosing black, grey or dark blue for your window trim color. This will help your windows stand out and have a striking impression. However, note that this style best suits windows set against light-colored walls.

3. Open Up the Views

Your home can be more expansive when it is made to open up the views and add additional daylight into the rooms. For example, adding more black or ebony-framed windows and doors can help you achieve expansive views of your environment without leaving your room.

4. Add Black-Frame Windows to Your Bathroom

You can also add a touch of the black-framed window to your bathroom. Home remodeling experts often suggest that bathrooms look better with a monochrome scheme.

5. Add More Contrast

Black and white will always present the best form of natural contrast. Black-framed windows can help you increase the quality of contrast your home needs, especially if you have white decors and siding.

6. Create a Large Wall of Glass

You can make your home stand out in your neighborhood by using the black-framed windows to create a large wall of glass from the floor to the ceiling. With the window frames set in black hues, you get a striking interior design that complements the natural beauties on the outside.

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