Roofs do more than help support your home. Your roof keeps the water out of your home, which helps prevent problems with mold, mildew, and damage to your personal property. Leaky roofs are a common problem for most homeowners. However, many homeowners have preconceived notions about leaky roofs that should be dispelled to ensure their roof is structurally sound and capable of doing what it was designed to do.

Myth #1. You Can Fix a Leak by Applying Putty to Your Ceiling

If you’ve ever experienced a roof leak, then you know that there are a lot of products at your local home improvement store that attempt to provide the fix. Most of these products recommend patching your ceiling by placing putty over the leak inside your home. Although this temporary solution may prevent water from leaking into your home, it doesn’t fix a leaky roof. To fix a leaky roof, you should hire a team of professionals like our team at The Construction Group. We stop leaks at the source, which is your roof.

Myth #2. Replacing a Shingle Will Stop a Leak

Another do-it-yourself fix that isn’t a fix is the idea that you can replace a shingle and fix a water leak. Shingles aren’t the only component of your roof that prevents water from entering your home, so replacing one shingle may not resolve the issue. Instead of attempting to repair a leaky roof yourself, you should employ the services of a professional so that your leak can be properly diagnosed.

Myth #3. A Ceiling Stain Is Due to Your Air Conditioning

A ceiling stain is an indication that there is moisture affecting your ceiling. Many people assume that moisture stains are strictly a result of their air conditioning system producing air that is a different temperature from the air in their home. Although that’s how condensation is produced, it may not be the reason for the ceiling stain. In fact, a roof leak can easily cause a ceiling stain. To be on the safe side, you should hire a professional to determine what is causing the stain on your ceiling.

At The Construction Group, we can help you if you have a leaking roof. Depending on the problem, it’s possible that you may only need a repair, instead of a new roof. At any rate, we recommend that you avoid jeopardizing your home’s structure by attempting to fix a problem with your roof on your own. You should hire a professional to ensure the problem is eliminated.