There’s nothing quite like the charm and appeal of a beautiful older home. Whether you live in a mid-century modern ranch home, a Craftsman bungalow, or a stately Queen Anne, each older home has its own unique character. But because they were built before modern building standards, older homes can have their share of quirks. They’ve also got more years of mileage on them. All of this adds up to a little more need for TLC than modern homes.

In this blog post, our home remodeling pros at The Construction Group will talk about some of the biggest safety risks that often go overlooked in homes of any age. Give us a call to speak with a general contractor about your home’s safety.

Here are some of the most common safety risks that go unnoticed by homeowners:

1.   Masonry Damage

Over the years, your chimney or masonry can begin to degrade in quality. The adhesion between bricks can come loose and spalling can occur. Overlooking masonry repair can create a serious safety risk when the structural integrity of a brick wall or chimney begins to fail. It’s important to add masonry to your annual home inspection checklist to avoid such problems.

2.   Roof Failure

Roof damage can be obvious, but it isn’t always easily seen without a complete roof inspection. When strong storms come through, they put your roof to the test. Even minor roof damage can become dangerous eventually if water is able to get into your home, allowing mold to proliferate and damaging the roof’s structure. If you suspect damage to your roof, schedule a storm damage inspection.

3.   Gutter Problems

You may not spend much time thinking about your rain gutters, but they can actually create a safety risk when they become damaged. Aging rain gutters with seams can become disjointed and fall, injuring those nearby. Poorly functioning gutters can also lead to the formation of ice dams on your roof, leading to possible structural damage inside your home.

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Keeping up with your home’s regular maintenance is about more than just a great-looking home. It’s also necessary to keep your home safe for your family. If your home is in need or repair or a roof or gutter inspection, our general contractors at The Construction Group are here to help.

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