After a long, cold winter, the birds are returning and blue skies are here at last. As the weather warms up and snow clouds are replaced with sunny days, millions of homeowners are ready to take on spring cleaning projects. From organized closets to overlooked household repairs, springtime is an ideal time to tick off items on your annual chore list. While you’re putting together your spring cleaning maintenance list, don’t overlook one of the most important areas: your home’s roof.

Adding roof repair can help protect your home from future problems. In this blog post, The Construction Group roof team talks about why you should add roof maintenance to your spring chore list this year.

Here are a few reasons you should prioritize roof repair:

1.   Protect Your Gutters

Your gutter system and your roof have a symbiotic relationship. Your gutters help to prevent water from running back onto your roof, reducing the chance of water damage. On the other hand, broken shingles and granules can clog up your gutters, which is why it’s important to stay on top of both your roof and gutter maintenance.

2.   Address Damage Near Objects on the Roof

The objects on your roof represent potential structural points of weakness. The seals around objects like vents, pipes, and your chimney can all represent potential points of water infiltration for your roof. It’s important to assess any damage and address it right away.

3.   Reduce Your Energy Costs

If your energy bills are consistently higher than expected, the problem could be your roof. When air infiltration occurs due to weaknesses in your roof structure, the thermal protection around your home becomes compromised. Addressing roof issues and upgrading your insulation can reduce your energy costs and make your home more comfortable all year long.

4.   Prevent Water Damage

Between the heavy snow and ice dams each winter and spring’s strong rains and storms, your shingles can take a beating throughout the year. If your shingles are missing, damaged, or curled, you are at risk of water damage in your home.

Call Your Woodbury Roof Repair Services

If springtime has you looking for ways to make improvements around your home, don’t overlook minor roofing repairs. Our roofing experts at The Construction Group in Woodbury offer a wide range of roofing services from inspections to complete roof replacement services. We can also update your insulation and gutters.

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