Minnesota’s winter season will be over before we know it, but like every year, that cold, icy weather put your home’s roof and siding to the test. Every winter, the materials that form a protective thermal envelope around your home are subjected to freeze and thaw cycles, ice dams, strong winds, and the weight of heavy snow and ice. When your roof sustains damage, repairing that damage as soon as possible is necessary to prevent more problems down the road.


At The Construction Group in Minnesota, our roof replacement and repair contractors offer winter storm damage inspections to help you protect your home and family. In this blog post, we’ll talk about winter weather damage signs your home could benefit from a winter storm inspection.

Obvious Signs of Winter Storm Damage

Your roof is one of many components of your home that can become seriously damaged during winter weather. Here are just a few signs you may have sustained damage this winter:


1.      You Noticed Ice Dams.

An ice dam occurs due to the constant freezing and thawing of winter. Snow that forms on your roof melts, creating a lake on top of your home. Before it can drain, it ends up freezing again. This creates ice dams which can damage your roof and gutters. Recurring ice dams mean your gutters aren’t doing their job and may need repair. Icicles are another possible sign of damage.


2.      Your Gutters Are Visibly Damaged.

There are quite a few visible signs of gutter damage. If your gutters are starting to sag, this will disrupt the drain channels and interfere with the draining process. It can also cause leaks due to the added weight of failed drainage.


3.      Your Roof is Leaking or Missing Shingles.

Regardless of your roof’s apparent condition, it’s a good idea to get a regular annual roof inspection from an experienced roofing contractor. They’ll look beyond obvious signs like missing or damaged shingles and even check on your roof and in your attic.


4.      Your Home is Drafty.

It’s not entirely uncommon to experience a minor draft occasionally in the winter. Drafts can make your home less comfortable but can also increase your energy expenses by adding to your monthly heating bill.


Protect Your Twin Cities Home With a Winter Storm Damage Inspection

If your home may have been damaged by winter weather this season, our team of storm damage experts at The Construction Group can help. Whether your roof is buckling or your ceiling has water damage, getting an inspection early is the key to minimizing the expense of repair. It can also mean the difference between repair and complete roof replacement.


To schedule your storm inspection, call us at 651-731-5857. You can also contact us online to get a free quote on repairs.