Your roof performs an important function when it comes to protecting your home against the elements, but it can be easy to overlook roof maintenance until there’s a problem. Unfortunately, much of the worst roof damage doesn’t become readily apparent to those living below until it becomes quite serious. After a serious storm or winter weather hits, most homeowners are quick to clean up the lawn, clearing out broken branches and leaves. But most of us don’t think to check out our roofs and make sure there’s no serious damage—an oversight that can cost you significantly.


At The Construction Group in Minnesota, our residential roofing services team offers a wide range of roofing services including roof repair and replacement. We can also inspect your roof to determine if roofing repairs are needed and recommend any additional services.


How Often Should You Inspect Your Roof?

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that only severe storms can seriously damage your roof. Much of the most serious damage to your roof isn’t readily available. When there are a good deal of winter weather or spring storms in the forecast, you’ll need to keep a ready eye on your roof. Identifying roof damage early on is crucial to preventing more serious damage. Overlooking minor problems can end up causing a catastrophe when the next round of storms roll through and escalate your costs from minor roofing damage to roof replacement.


There are three main areas to examine when looking at your roof:

●        Inside your home

●        Outside your home

●        Up the ladder


Examining Your Roof for Damage

The first step in roof inspection can usually be done by a homeowner with a flashlight. Take a look around your attic and look for possible problems. Signs of water damage, sagging, or leaks are a red flag. If you’ve got water damage on your home’s ceiling, you have definite water infiltration problems. Sunlight passing through the boards in your attic is also a clear indicator of trouble with your roof. Next, walk around your home’s exterior and visually inspect what you’re able to see from the ground, looking for missing or damaged shingles and signs of wind damage.


Here are a few more signs of roof problems:

●        Curled/cracked shingles

●        Dark patches on your roof

●        Large debris

●        Ice dams


Inspecting Your Twin Cities Roof With Help From Our Residential Roofing Services

If your roof is in need of inspection, don’t take a chance by climbing up a shaky ladder. Instead, call in our professionals. At The Construction Group, our Twin Cities residential roofing services professionals can inspect your roof for damage and handle ice dam removal and storm damage repair too.


Connect with our roofing contractor team at the Construction Group near St. Paul when you’re ready for your professional roof inspection. Call us at 651-731-5857 or contact us to learn more.