With Halloween behind us and the holidays just getting started, winter is about to be in full swing. For many Twin Cities homeowners, all of the company the holidays bring can serve as a reminder of those unfinished home improvement projects you never got around to. When most folks think of home remodeling, they usually think of it as a summer job.


While the work is just a little easier when the weather is temperate, that doesn’t mean you should hesitate to call a contractor when it’s cold outside. There are a surprising number of benefits to calling your contractor during the winter months. In this post, our contracting team at The Construction Group in Woodbury will break down the pros and cons of hiring a contractor for home remodeling during the cold months.


How Much Do Contractors Work During Winter?

Although you might imagine contractors take a break during the cold season, we never quit working when the mercury drops. That’s because Mother Nature doesn’t take a break either, and she can do a lot of damage when winter precipitation is in the weather forecast. Winter weather can get pretty intense here in the Twin Cities, leaving many homes in need of roofing or siding repair.


A good contracting team is experienced at working efficiently and fast during the coldest months just as well as they can in the warm months. We’re trained for tricky weather, and we have the knowledge and the right tools to get the job done. We’re also experienced and compassionate when it comes to working with families whose homes have been hit hard, and they now face an emergency situation.


What About Interior Remodeling Projects?

One thing that does slow down during the winter months is the demand for remodeling projects. Most people don’t tend to think about interior home improvement projects during the cold weather season. But the truth is that for us, the main difference when it comes to working on a home interior project is the need for our contractors to wear a coat. We may need to use your garage or set up a tent cover to temporarily work in, but we’ll get the job done with the same excellence as we would if it were summer.


We specialize in remodeling these three areas of your home, and we can remodel any room in your home with our custom carpentry service:


●        Kitchen remodeling

●        Bathroom remodeling

●        Basement remodeling


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Whether you’ve been putting off a much-needed bathroom renovation or you’re in dire need of shelving in your closets, we’ve got you covered. Our experienced home remodeling professionals can work with you step by step and make suggestions to meet your budget and desired look.


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