When your roof is in need of repair, the problems can add up fast. Eventually, you can end up reaching a point where the continued expenses become a money pit. When this happens, your roof most likely needs to be replaced. Once you reach the point where constant repairs don’t seem to solve the problem, it’s time to think about starting over with a new roof.


But knowing when to replace your roof can be difficult, which is why it’s important to have a seasoned roofing contractor to help you make the right decision. In this post, our Minnesota residential roofing contractors at The Construction Group offer advice for deciding when it’s time to replace your roof.


Weighing the Investment Against the Expense

Did you know that the average homeowner in Minnesota spends hundreds each year to maintain and repair their roof? In Minneapolis, that number averages out to about $700 per home in the course of a year. It may seem like a hefty sum, but those repairs can end up saving you significantly in the long run. What seems like a minor repair today could end up costing thousands in damage if a big storm hits and it’s left unrepaired. That’s why most homeowners see their roof repairs as an important investment in their home. However, when those costs begin to add up even more, it might be time to consider getting your roof replaced altogether.

When the Repairs are Too Much

You can generally expect to spend more money on repairs for an older roof. However, once those repairs begin to exceed more than about $1200 during the course of a year, it’s time to think about whether they are helping your roof. Once you’re spending such a high amount on periodical repairs, it’s not just a matter of the monetary expense.


You’re also devoting far too much time and energy keeping that roof maintained. And it’s also starting to become evident that your repairs aren’t really helping your roof because it may be too far gone. When you reach that point, our contractors can inspect your roof and help you determine if it’s time for roofing replacement.


Replacing Your Roof

Roof replacements can mean replacing every single component of your roof or simply replacing some of the materials. Below are three examples of levels of roofing replacement:


1.      Replacing surface material such as shingles, metal roofing, and tile.

2.      Replacing surface materials, masonry, and chimneys.

3.      Replacing the entire roof including materials, masonry, and framework.


When it’s Time for Your Twin Cities Residential Roofing Replacement

If you’re tired of grabbing a bucket every time it rains and throwing away thousands each year on roofing repairs, it’s time to replace your roof. Replacing your roof now could save you thousands more down the road if a strong winter storm should end up causing damage to your home’s interior.


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