With more moderate temperatures and a little pre-holiday downtime, fall is an ideal time to think about creating a new look for your home. When Twin Cities homeowners are deciding to take on new remodeling projects, they often think about ways to remodel their bathrooms or kitchens. But the place your family spends most of their time at home is often overlooked. After all, your living room is where everyone comes to unwind after a hard day at work and school, and it’s where you entertain your guests.


You’d be surprised at how much a minor building project in your living room can alter the way your space feels. In this post, our team of home carpentry pros at The Construction Group breaks down some of the reasons you should consider adding a built-in to your living room space this fall.


Here are a few of our favorite reasons to add a built-in living room project:


1.      Create a Focal Point.

If your living room has a fireplace, you’ve got a perfect place to create a beautiful focal point your guests will notice immediately when they walk into your living room. Building a mantle over your fireplace gives homeowners a place to enhance their space by integrating their family’s personality. It can also create a more formal atmosphere in a home.


Consider adding a stately mantle with fluted legs and ornate trim for a more formal home. Or add something more rustic to create a simple, unassuming space for hanging Christmas stockings and displaying favorite vases.


2.      Add Storage.

If you’ve got a hobby or a collection, adding storage to your living room space can create a place for you to share your interests on display. It also increases the organization in your home.


Built-in shelves are an especially popular option among older homes like Craftsman bungalows, which are long on charm but short on usable storage solutions. We can customize your storage to accommodate books, DVDs, or a beloved figurine collection.


3.      Minimize Electronic Clutter

Although wall-mounted television sets are becoming more popular, you still need a space to tuck away your stereo system, speakers, game systems, and other electronic devices. All of those electronics can mean wires all over the place.


Our team can help you limit the clutter by creating a beautiful entertainment center that works as an attractive home feature in and of itself. We can even help you discreetly hide your speakers around the house for that movie theater feel.


Connect with our Maplewood Home Remodeling Services

If you’re looking for a simple project that can dramatically alter the look and feel of your living room, a built-in project may be the ideal remodeling idea. Our team of home remodeling contractors can work with you to help you design a project that fits your desired look and works within your budget.


At The Construction Group, our experienced carpentry contractors love helping your dreams become a reality. Speak with a Maplewood remodeling contractor by calling us at 651-731-5857 or contact us to share your ideas and see how we can help bring your vision to life.