When it comes to your homeowner’s insurance policy, it’s most likely one of those things you never have to think about until there’s a problem. Most homeowners typically pay for their insurance policies just as they do property taxes without putting much thought into how their policy works until it’s time to make a claim.


Roof repairs are much the same: Homeowners often don’t think much about them until there’s a serious problem and the ceiling is leaking. But if you’ve been putting off a minor roof repair, you may be creating problems for your homeowner’s insurance. In this post, the roofing repair team at The Construction Group in Maplewood breaks down how procrastinating roof repairs can negatively impact your homeowner’s insurance.


Home Insurance and Your Roof

The reason we carry homeowner’s insurance is pretty straightforward. It’s meant to protect the homeowner in case there’s a problem with the home. In terms of your roof, this can mean covering regular maintenance that’s needed, repairs, or even roofing replacement. Although your policy might not cover a claim entirely, the hope is that your insurance will at least pay for a sizeable portion.


Your homeowner’s insurance policy is also aware that disasters can hit your home at any time. Many of these disasters are covered, but it’s good to know what is covered and what is not before you need to file a claim. However, your homeowner’s insurance company expects you to maintain your roof so it can withstand disasters better, and failure to do so can mean trouble filing a claim.


Insuring a New Roof

If you’re a brand new homeowner, one of the considerations your homeowner’s insurance will take into account is the condition of your roof. In fact, the state of your roof will be calculated into your homeowner’s insurance. A roof that needs serious work can significantly impact a home’s value as well as causing safety issues for residents living on the property. Additionally, problems with your roof can drive up your rates and even interfere with your ability to get covered.


Insurance companies consider a number of factors, including:


●        The roofing materials

●        The age of the roof

●        The general condition of your roof


Weathering Any Storm

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to your roof’s ability to perform is how it can stand up to extreme weather. A roof in poor condition will not be able to stand up to heavy snow, debris from strong winds, ice dams from freeze and thaw cycles, and heavy rain. This puts your home at greater risk because it can cause your roof to deteriorate much faster. It can also cause your insurance company to drop you.


Call our Maplewood Roofing Repair Contractors

If you’ve been putting off getting your roof repaired, you’re taking a gamble that could cost you big. If your roof becomes damaged due to high winds or snow, your insurance company may determine that you are liable and fail to cover the claim. But even without further damage occurring, your insurance company can decide to drop you because your roof poses too much of a risk.


Our professional residential roofing contractors can make the process smooth and fast to minimize the disruption of a roof repair. We can also help you work with your insurance policy on any claims that need to be filed. To speak to our Maplewood roofing contractors, call our team at 651-731-5857 or contact us to get a free project estimate.