Autumn leaves will be falling soon, and before you know it, the mercury will begin to drop. Winter weather in Minnesota can be incredibly cold and snowy, which means your heater will struggle to keep up with the weather change.


Not only is the weather much colder in winter, but longer nights and shorter days mean less sunlight to help ease the pressure on your HVAC unit. If your furnace struggled to keep up last winter, having high-performance insulation is a necessity before the cold weather gets into full swing. In this article, our Twin Cities insulation contractors at The Construction Group discuss how poor insulation can be a burden on your pocketbook.


How High-Performance Insulation Makes a Difference

Insulation that performs well holds a vital role in keeping your home comfortable and safe. Unfortunately, far too often, homeowners don’t realize the insulation in their attic falls short of the standard required to adequately protect and insulate their home.


There are many types of insulation, and it’s just as important to have the right amount of insulation as it is to have the right kind for your home. High-quality insulation protects your roof by adequately insulating your home and preventing ice dams from occurring. It also keeps your heating and cooling bills manageable and makes your home a more comfortable space to live in.


Do You Have an Insulation Deficiency?

If you’ve got a deficiency in your home’s insulation, that means your HVAC system is having to work much harder and will need more maintenance. This can cost you dearly over time. It can also mean you’re spending more than you should on your average energy costs throughout the year.


To determine if your home needs an insulation upgrade, simply look for these signs:


●        High energy costs during peak winter and summer months

●        Moisture on your insulation

●        Drafts, cold spots, and erratic temperatures in your home

●        Ice dams on your roof


Upgrading Your Insulation

If your home needs an insulation update, hiring a professional insulation contractor is a sure way to guarantee you’ll get quality, high-performance insulation. We offer spray foam insulation at The Construction Group. This superior insulation creates a tight air seal in your attic, which means drafts and air infiltration will be completely eliminated.


Upgrading your insulation is just one element of creating a thermal envelope that will protect the temperature inside your home, keeping it comfortable and energy-efficient. When combined with siding replacement and roofing repairs, spray foam insulation creates lower energy costs and keep your family more comfortable year-round.


Connect with our Maplewood Insulation Contractors

Minnesota winters can have homeowners going to extreme lengths to get warm. If you spent last winter putting duct tape over the doorways and huddling under blankets, maybe it’s time to upgrade your insulation.


Fall is the ideal time to get a jump on your home’s insulation before the temperatures start to drop. To connect with our insulation contractors, call The Construction Group at 651-731-5857 or contact us to schedule an estimate on your home insulation services.