With the warmer weather finally starting to take over, it’s a great time to start considering your spring repair projects. It’s been a long, cold winter and your roof did its job to protect your home through ice, snow, and sleet. That's why right now is the perfect time to make sure it’s in good shape while the weather is nice.


Our roofing repair experts at The Construction Group in Maplewood can take a look at your roof and offer a free estimate on roofing repair or roofing installation. Read on to learn why springtime is the ideal time for your home’s roofing repair project.


1.      Winter Can Be Tough on Your Roof

Winters in Minnesota can be pretty intense. As snows melt and freeze again, they can create ice dams which can damage your shingles. Heavy snow packed on can damage your roof as well, and if there are any leaks, water infiltration can cause added damage. It’s important to get these problems repaired before they worsen. We can easily assess the impact of this past winter and get your roof in shape before next year.


2.      Summer Storms Can Give Your Roof a Workout

When cool air and warm air collide, it’s the perfect recipe for summer storms. Here in Minnesota, the occasional summer thunderstorm is a given. Hail and heavy rains can put your shingles to the test. That’s why it’s important to make sure your roof is ready to do its job and protect your home from the elements before those dark clouds start to roll in.


3.      Springtime Repairs Go Fast

Spring is the best time to get a roof repair because the moderate weather makes repairs go fast. The humidity of summer hasn’t kicked in yet, making it an ideal time to replace damaged shingles. It’s also a great time to catch us before we get a lot of bookings for summer roof repairs and roof replacements.


Get in Touch with our Maplewood Roofing Repair Services

If you suspect your roof needs a little attention, don’t put off getting those repairs. After all, a little care now can save you a headache down the road. If left unattended, a damaged roof can cause serious water damage to your home’s interior or foundation.


If you suspect storm damage or see chipped, bubbled, missing, or otherwise damaged shingles, give our roofing contractors a call for a free estimate. Contact our team at 651-731-5857 or contact us to schedule your roof repair.