Your roof protects your home and helps keep it insulated. Your family depends on your roof to provide durable protection throughout the year even in the wildest winter weather. But when winter snow comes in Minnesota, the snow and ice can pile up quickly, taking its toll on your roof.


It’s important to understand the effect snow has on your roof so that you can take care of roofing repairs in a timely manner and protect your home from more damage. Our residential roofing experts at The Construction Group in Minnesota can handle your roofing repairs and get your roof in top shape after a long winter. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to walk you through the damage snow can do to your roof and offer solutions.


Winter Snow and Precipitation

All that fluffy, white splendor can look simply majestic when it first starts to fall. But when snow piles up on your roof, it can cause all kinds of problems. Most of the time, your roof should protect you from the lighter, fluffier snow.


But add in ice and high winds, and the weight of the snow can start to cause serious damage. If you’ve got icicles or ice dams, those are indicators you may have more serious problems affecting your shingles and your roof’s ability to insulate your home.


How Winter Weather Damages Your Roof

One of the keys to keeping your roof in good shape is recognizing problems early on and repairing them before they can get worse. When left unattended, damage to your roof can worsen dramatically, leading to leaks and problems inside your home. Although the winter weather that caused the damage has passed, spring’s heavy winds and rain can bend and damage shingles that are already in trouble, creating a domino effect.


Here are a few signs of roof damage to be on the lookout for:

●        Missing shingles

●        Bent or broken shingles

●        Dents

●        Cracks or holes

●        Roof leaks


Minnesota Residential Roofing Repairs

Every spring, you should have your roof inspected to make sure the damage from a few shingles doesn’t cause more serious problems for your home that can add up. Let our roofing experts at The Construction Group in St. Paul take a look and see if everything is still in great shape after a long, cold winter. We can examine your shingles and then handle any roofing repairs your home may need. To get your free estimate, call our roofing professionals at 651-731-5857 or contact us to learn more.