As you look to have a new roof installed on your home, it is important to obtain quotes. Getting quotes will help you to find an affordable roofing company for your roofing needs. However, not every quote is the same. Some quotes don't include key pieces of information that can drive the quoted price up. Here are three pieces of information that you should always ensure are included on any price quote you obtain when you need to have a new roof installed:

1.      The Cost of Old Roof Removal

One of the things that should be included on your quote is the cost to remove your old roof. Before a new roof can be installed, your old one has to be removed. Not every company lists this on the estimate, but it needs to be done. If it is not listed, the roofer will come to you before the project begins, increasing the cost of your project, so always make sure it is listed.

2.      The Exact Type of Roofing Materials That Will Be Installed

Another important factor to consider is what type of roofing materials will be installed. Some companies will quote you for the cheapest type of roofing material. Always do your research to find out what material you want installed and then ensure that is the material that the company will use and quotes you for.

3.      The Cost of Clean-Up and Haul-Off

Lastly, be sure that the estimate includes the cost of clean-up and haul-off. Your old roofing materials and any scraps of material need to be hauled off to the dump. Always make sure this is something the roofer does and that it is accounted for on your quote, or you may find yourself having to do this yourself.

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