At The Construction Group, there are many types of siding we can install on your home. This includes vinyl, cement fiber, cedar, hardboard, and steel. Taking the time to learn what benefits each type of siding has to offer can help you determine which one is right for your home. Here are a few of the benefits of steel siding:


●        Steel Siding Does Not Fade

One of the benefits associated with steel siding is that once it is painted, it does not fade. Rain, snow, and sunlight do not cause the color of your siding to lose brightness or vibrancy. This means that fading will not be the reason you ever have to repaint your siding. Therefore, if you want a low-maintenance siding that will look good for decades to come, steel siding may be a great choice for you.


●        Steel Siding is Eco-Friendly

Another benefit associated with steel siding is that it is eco-friendly. Steel siding can be made from recycled steel, and once it is removed from your home, it can be recycled. Many home siding materials are not eco-friendly and end up in the dump when they no longer have any life left in them. Selecting a material that is eco-friendly is always the environmentally friendly choice.


●        Steel Siding Can Be Installed Any Time of Year

The final benefit associated with steel siding is that it can be installed any time of the year. Some materials cannot be installed in the rain or when the outside temperatures are below freezing—something we see a lot of in Minnesota. This limits when you can have siding installed. Steel siding can be placed on your home year-round, regardless of the weather and outdoor temperatures.


Steel Siding Installation in Woodbury, Minnesota


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