Your gutter system provides many benefits, yet comes with its own set of challenges. A professional inspection will help you determine if it’s time for simple repairs or a complete replacement. We at The Construction Group will make recommendations based on the condition of your gutters. We offer expert gutter inspections, repair, and replacement services in Woodbury, Minnesota. Let’s take a look at the system components that make up your gutter system and what to do about potential problems.


What Does Gutter Maintenance Include?

A roofing contractor typically also provides inspections and maintenance on your gutter system. A gutter inspection includes reporting on the current condition of your gutters and recommended solutions. This will give you a good idea if it’s worth repairing your gutters or if your system requires replacement. Most professional roofing contractors will perform an inspection on your gutters allowing you the flexibility to choose which maintenance, repair, or replacement options best fit your needs and budget.


When You Can Repair Instead Of Replace

An inspection report will show what part of your gutter system needs repairs. Here are some common situations that are easily repaired and may not require gutter replacement.


●        Cracks and holes easily sealed or glued with metal flashing.

●        Leaking in a single seam. This is easily repaired with joint fastening or sealant.

●        Damage localized to a small number of gutter sections.

●        Loose hangers. Screwing in loose hangers or replacing a few bents is an easy repair.

●        Minor issues with expensive copper gutters are more economical to repair if possible.

●        Continual clogging quickly resolved with the installation of guarding.


When To Replace Your Gutters

If you find yourself with many minor repairs needed on your gutter system, it’s likely to be more economical to replace them. Water damage, sagging, and buckles are signs of serious damage that indicate you are better off replacing the entire gutter. If your gutter sections are not staying together with repair efforts, the best option is replacing the gutter system, preferably with seamless gutters.


Seamless gutters are more durable, easy to install, and just as affordable as regular gutters. They can be custom to fit your roof and require less maintenance and repairs as traditional counterparts. Making the move to seamless ensures leak-proof, aesthetically pleasing gutters that come in a variety of styles and colors.


Gutter Contractors in Woodbury, Minnesota

If you have not had a recent inspection of your gutters, now is the time to contact The Construction Group. We offer quality inspections, maintenance, repair, and replacement of residential gutter systems. To schedule an inspection, or get an estimate, call us at 651-731-5857.