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Carpentry is an art. It involves following a set of plans, taking measurements, and piecing everything together to create something. Carpentry is necessary in homebuilding and interior and exterior remodeling and it has to be done just right so that the integrity of the structure is not compromised in any way.

At The Construction Group, our carpenters are the best at what they do. They commit themselves to every job to ensure customer satisfaction. They also love what they do, which is evident in the end result. What you will have is a structure that is built to last.


There are a number of different projects that can be completed by carpenters. They are:

  • Home remodeling

  • Additions

  • Garages

  • Custom cabinetry and cabinetry installation

  • Wood furniture

  • Bookcases and cabinets

  • Crown molding installation

  • Custom countertops and countertop installation

  • Deck building

The list can go on and on. All you have to do is tell us what you want and our carpenters will make it happen for you. If you have an idea for a custom item, such as custom cabinets or custom countertops, tell our carpenters about it and plans can be created that turn your vision into a reality.


You're one of a kind. You don’t have to have what everyone else does. This is why we put a strong focus on you and your wants. It is your home, so it is your right to have it as unique as you want it to be. Because you have to live there and look at everything all of the time, it is very important that there are elements that are a reflection of you. That is what is great about our carpenters: they can create things that are all about you and not about what everyone else has. You can opt for customized elements instead of buying prefabricated ones that are probably in thousands of homes all across the country. What we do is entirely up to you. It is your home, so you call the shots on what the end product is going to be.


Our expert carpenters are here to create what you need, when you need it. To learn more about our carpentry services, call us at 651-731-5857 for a free estimate.

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