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Exterior Home Renovation

Whether you have lived in a house for long enough to warrant an exterior renovation, or recently bought an older house with the expectation of conducting a remodel job, or simply found a great deal on an investment home which needs minor upgrades before selling at profit, there are times when you need to hire a building contractor. Exterior home renovation involves a few basic steps along with the knowledge an experienced contractor can provide toward making your house a boon rather than an eyesore for your neighbors.

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Seamless Gutters vs. Traditional Gutters

Gutters are a vital part of your homes’ exterior as it channels rainwater away from your home. By directing the water in a controlled manner, gutters minimize or eliminate flooding and standing water around the foundation, and keep the rain from splashing and staining the outer wall. The question is, which one does it better: seamless gutters or traditional gutters?

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Exterior Home Aging and Damage

Older homes hold a particular charm for some people. They were built with interesting details and unique wood work that is not found in today’s modern style homes. As homes age so do the components that keep it strong, sturdy and safe. Take a look at different areas of your home that could experience damage from aging.

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The Benefits of Seamless Gutters

Gutters protect the base of your home from rainwater. The excess flow of water is channeled away from the foundation or basement to keep the immediate area from flooding or the water from splashing against the outside surface. Conventional gutters are pieced together in sections that overlap one another. The entire system is installed piece by piece around the edge of the roof.

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Older Home Restoration

Sometimes remodel jobs are conducted as an option to improve an already nice house which is relatively new, perhaps ten to fifteen years old. Other times, an older home may need renovations to accommodate modern appliances. It may be that you bought an older home because you appreciate the charm it provides and prefer the building styles of days past, but need some upgrades to allow for computers and a modern office. In other cases, you may have found a great bargain on an older house with the understanding it needs immediate repairs. In each case, there are usually a few common aspects of the home restoration which need to be addressed immediately before moving on to upgrades to a kitchen or bath which although needed, can be postponed if necessary.

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The Benefits of Seamless Gutters

Your gutter system is responsible for removing water away from your home. Done effectively, your gutter system helps protect your roof and your foundation. Recently, gutter manufacturers have improved the way they make gutters. They’ve started making seamless gutters. If you are in the market for gutters, then it’s important that you consider the benefits of seamless gutters over conventional gutters before you make a purchase.

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Why You Need Gutters on Your Home

Have you ever paid attention to your gutters? Do you know why you have gutters on your home? Many homeowners understand gutters are important, but few know why gutters are important. Unfortunately, when homeowners don’t understand the importance of one of the many systems in their homes, they tend to let maintenance go down the drain. Fortunately, you don’t have to do the same. Keep reading to understand the importance of your gutters.

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Dealing with Winter Storm Damage

Some people enjoy the warm summer weather and wearing bathing suits while suntanning, others prefer the brisk frost of a cold winter morning. Regardless of your personal preference, there are things you can do to prepare for potential storm damage to your home which inevitably occurs when the winter storms blow through. Ideally, you repair potential problems before they become disastrous, but some types of damage simply cannot be foreseen and have to be addressed as it happens. The solution comes in the form of preparation, and part of such preparation is to have a good standing relationship with a contractor who is ready to conduct repairs as they come up and are needed.

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There Is Still Time to Prepare for Winter Weather

As the saying goes, “Winter is Coming,” but there is time to prepare so you can remain as comfortable as possible when the cold months get here. There are fairly obvious preparations such as changing the filters in your HVAC system and having it inspected to assure efficient functioning, having your chimney cleaned and inspected for damage in an older home, or making sure your windows are functioning properly and not allowing a draft in. Other preparations are more subtle things which may not be a daily concern for you.

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Contractors and the Services they Provide: Good, Better, and Best

As a homeowner you've probably worked with a contractor on occasion but it's likely not someone you work with regularly. When a job comes up and you need a contractor for either repairs or upgrades and renovations, there are a few aspects of the business you should be aware of before hiring. You know to get three price quotes, but price isn't the end-all, be-all consideration toward who you hire. Of course you want the best price, but just as important is for the job to be conducted professionally and efficiently, and done right.

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