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Common Mistakes to Avoid During Your Kitchen Remodel

If you are like most homeowners, you remodel your kitchen to enhance it. You want to feel comfortable while you are in your kitchen. You also want the design to work with you and not against you. We do too. With the goal of form meeting function, our team at The Construction Group has compiled a list of common mistakes homeowners make while remodeling their kitchen to help you avoid these pitfalls.

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Contracting Services for Spring

Spring weather brings the building season and is a common time when people like to conduct renovation and remodeling projects at their homes. Especially for people who like to entertain, there is a typical comfort and stability during the winter holiday season but construction projects show guests for summer parties how much the homeowner enjoys their house and what they put into it to make it welcome their company.

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Remodeling: Winter Work or Planning for Spring

Homeowners who don't work in the construction trade often think of remodeling projects and home renovations as something to do in the spring or summer. Part of the reason for this is how the longer days allow the job to be finished faster, along with the fact most people are more active during the summer and actually think about how a project can add value to their house and improve their daily life. The fact of the matter is, a contractor is prepared to work during the winter months and even if you decide to wait until spring to start the project you can start planning ahead of time.

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4 Factors to Consider When Renovating Your Fireplace

Upgrading your fireplace may seem like a small project. It’s a very small space, and it’s not used often. However, when you consider the safety implications of a failed fireplace update, then you realize renovating your fireplace is a big deal. Fortunately, by considering the four factors listed below, you’ll have no regrets when it’s time to unwind in front of your new fireplace.

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Can You Remodel during Winter Weather?

Building and remodeling of homes is a job typically conducted during warm summer weather, and is therefore often overlooked as a potential winter job. You would be correct to assume the work is easier to do during nice weather, but that doesn't mean it can't be done in the cold. The disadvantage is the work may take longer than usual because there are some days when winter weather prevents your contractor from safely conducting the job. The upside is your contractor needs the work and is less pressed for time during winter months when less work is happening as a general state of affairs.

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3 Tips to Make Your Bathroom an Oasis

Your bathroom should be a place where you can relax and forget about anything that stressed you. It should be a place that renews your spirit so that you can take on the challenges that await you in the morning. Unfortunately, many homeowners ignore their bathroom. In fact, some homeowners’ bathrooms may contribute to their tension. Well, now is the time for you to start a bathroom remodel that creates a spa-inspired bathroom that helps you jump-start your day.

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Winter's Coming. Don't Ignore Your Insulation

Minnesota’s winter weather isn’t for everyone. To make matters worse, the days are longer in the winter, meaning we have fewer hours of sunlight that could lessen the impact of our uncomfortable winter days. The easiest way to reduce the impact of temperatures just above zero is to stay warm by ensuring your insulation is in top-notch shape.

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Why Your Next Remodeling Project Should Incorporate Green Features

Conserving energy is a big deal when it comes to your home. Even major industries are not overlooking the need for more conservation measures. Many manufacturers are creating green products that promise to transform your home into a green machine. The following are a few reasons why your next remodel or upgrade project should be a green project.

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3 High-Value Areas to Remodel in Your Home

After making all the necessary changes and repairs, you may dream of a remodeling or a home upgrade project. Granite countertops, a grand double-door entrance, or an open bathroom with skylights are all ways to transform your home and make it comfortable for you, but do these projects add value to your home? We examined the 2016 Cost Vs. Value report for Minneapolis and saw a few interesting finds. You may be surprised to see what areas within your home can be remodeled or upgraded to give you the most bang for your buck.

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Kitchen Ideas and Themes

One of the most common home renovations is to conduct a full kitchen upgrade. Most people spend as much if not more time in their kitchen as any other room in the house, so it only makes sense to customize the room to suit your needs. If you watch the food channel on TV you’re already aware of how intricately well designed a kitchen can be, and probably have a few ideas about how to perfect your own kitchen for daily use. Those ideas and more can be accomplished by an experienced professional contractor; imagination and creativity are the only limits to how awesome your kitchen can be.

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