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Can You Remodel during Winter Weather?

Building and remodeling of homes is a job typically conducted during warm summer weather, and is therefore often overlooked as a potential winter job. You would be correct to assume the work is easier to do during nice weather, but that doesn't mean it can't be done in the cold. The disadvantage is the work may take longer than usual because there are some days when winter weather prevents your contractor from safely conducting the job. The upside is your contractor needs the work and is less pressed for time during winter months when less work is happening as a general state of affairs.

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Ice Dams: What to expect from your home insurance

Ice dams are problematic for homeowners. Created by the accumulation of melting ice and snow, ice dams can wreak havoc on your roof. Ice dams can lead to water leaks and damage your roof, which could leave you at the mercy of your insurance company.

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There Is Still Time to Prepare for Winter Weather

As the saying goes, “Winter is Coming,” but there is time to prepare so you can remain as comfortable as possible when the cold months get here. There are fairly obvious preparations such as changing the filters in your HVAC system and having it inspected to assure efficient functioning, having your chimney cleaned and inspected for damage in an older home, or making sure your windows are functioning properly and not allowing a draft in. Other preparations are more subtle things which may not be a daily concern for you.

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Contractors and the Services they Provide: Good, Better, and Best

As a homeowner you've probably worked with a contractor on occasion but it's likely not someone you work with regularly. When a job comes up and you need a contractor for either repairs or upgrades and renovations, there are a few aspects of the business you should be aware of before hiring. You know to get three price quotes, but price isn't the end-all, be-all consideration toward who you hire. Of course you want the best price, but just as important is for the job to be conducted professionally and efficiently, and done right.

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3 Myths About Roof Leaks

Roofs do more than help support your home. Your roof keeps the water out of your home, which helps prevent problems with mold, mildew, and damage to your personal property. Leaky roofs are a common problem for most homeowners. However, many homeowners have preconceived notions about leaky roofs that should be dispelled to ensure their roof is structurally sound and capable of doing what it was designed to do.

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Improve Your Home's Exterior

Whether you live in an older home which needs exterior repairs, found a great deal on a home but don’t especially like the exterior, or if you’ve decided over time you like another style better, you may at some point want to improve your home’s exterior. You may consider rebuilding the entire exterior at once or simply replace a bit at a time. There are a few things to consider as to your options and what is available in today’s market.

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Are Your Gutters Working Against You?

Your gutters are a part of a much bigger system that works to ensure your roof remains intact. As a result of that, it’s imperative that your gutters aren’t working against you in the process. At The Construction Group, we’ve noticed a few scenarios in which homeowners’ gutters are working against them, and we want to make sure you don’t have these problems.

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Metal Roofing May Be Your Best Option for Roofing

When it comes to your roofing, you want the best material that will last a long time. Additionally, if you are like most homeowners, saving a little money on your energy costs is a great benefit as well. Over the years, our team at The Construction Group has found that metal roofs may be your best option when you are looking for roofing material to meet your needs.

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The Advantages of Pull-Back Insulation

Many homes either have a distinct deficit of insulation running along the rim joist of their roofline, while others just have whatever insulation is being used in this space jammed in to the very end. Neither application is optimal for ensuring that your roof ‘breathes’ properly, or instrumental in preventing rot, loss of insulation value, or other problems that may result over time.

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