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Ice Dam

How Snow Affects Your Roof

Your roof performs a vital function when it comes to protecting your home and its occupants. Not only does it keep your family warm and comfortable all year long, but it also keeps water and cold air from entering your home and damaging your home’s interior. Many homeowners aren’t completely prepared for the impact on their roof when the heavy snows hit each year. Minor damage can quickly become significant under the weight of snow or ice dams.

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How Ice Dams Impact Your Insurance

It’s winter here in the Twin Cities metro area, and this winter has already served up a hefty portion of snow, ice, and winter precipitation. All of these can take their toll on your roof, but the biggest source of damage this time of year is caused by ice dams. Ice dams can cau

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What Happens When Rain Gutters Freeze?

If you’re bundling up in a warm coat and a scarf, that means frozen weather is right around the corner here in the Twin Cities metro area. In the northern section of our great nation, frozen winter weather is a fact of life, and this year is going to be an especially cold one. While snow and ice are beautiful, it can create problems for your home, especially when it comes to your gutter system. Thankfully, all of these problems are easily resolved if you address them early to prevent as much damage as possible.

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Should You Worry About Ice Dams?

It’s only November, but already, the temperatures are starting to plummet further down on the thermometer. We’re only just now starting to add more layers to our winter wardrobes, but as any Minnesota native can tell you, it will be a long while before it’s warm again. If you’re a Twin Cities homeowner, the colder months can bring a unique set of challenges beyond picking out a warm enough coat. One of the main concerns for homeowners in this part of the country is the formation of ice dams on your roof.

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What Does Snow Do to Your Roof?

Your roof protects your home and helps keep it insulated. Your family depends on your roof to provide durable protection throughout the year even in the wildest winter weather. But when winter snow comes in Minnesota, the snow and ice can pile up quickly, taking its toll on your roof.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Ice Dams

Minnesota winters bring with them snow, ice and freezing temperatures. Unfortunately, these items can sit in and against your gutters and roof, causing an ice dam to form. An ice dam can be damaging to both your gutter system and your roof. Many people know what an ice dam is, but not what to do if they have one. Here are a few of the frequently asked questions and the answers you should know about ice dams:

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How to Prevent Your Residential Roof From Collapsing

Winter weather will always wreak havoc on your roof, effectively putting the safety of your home and family in jeopardy. After months of carrying the weight of snow and ice, your roof needs some extra support!

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Is Your Residential Roof Ready for Summer?

Winter in Minnesota can prove to be brutal on your residential roof. It can affect many of the roof components and cause additional wear and tear on the roofing system. Now that winter is over, you need to prepare your roof for the summer. Although summertime is not as harsh on homes as the winter is, your roof will still have to contend with high temperatures, UV rays, and severe weather. The Construction Group can perform a full residential roofing inspection and make the necessary upgrades to your roof just in time for the hot season. Below is a summary of how we can strengthen your roof’s surface.

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Is Your Commercial Roof Ready for Summer?

Although the Minnesota winters can be hard on your roof, you shouldn’t discount the summer heat, sun’s UV rays, and storms that sweep through the Twin Cities area. The Construction Group can give your roof a complete inspection and make the necessary adjustments. With maintenance and upgrades, your roof should be ready for the summer heat and sunshine. To schedule an inspection, contact The Construction Group today.

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8 Causes of Residential Roof Leaks

A leaky roof spells trouble in multiple ways. If you notice that your roof is leaking, you should contact The Construction Group immediately. The longer you wait to have it fixed, the more costly the damage can be. We can fix your roof and stop the leaks in no time. If you are wondering what is causing the leak, we’ve assembled eight possible reasons why the water is dripping. If any of these are happening to your roof, call us today for roofing repair service.

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