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Is Your Commercial Roof Ready for Summer?

Summer will be here before you know it. Is your commercial roof ready for the heat? Contact The Construction Company for a complete roofing inspection.

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Our 18-Point Storm Damage Inspection. We Leave Nothing Out

If your house has been damaged by a recent hail storm or tornado, then contact the Construction Group. We provide an 18-point thorough inspection of your home to assess the full damage. Our post-storm evaluations are accurate, honest, and 100% professional on every level. We can help work with your insurance company to through every phase of reconstruction from assessment, and insurance claims all the way building design and renovation.

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The Hidden Dangers of Failing to Maintain Your Chimney

During the winter months, your fireplace and chimney work together to warm your home in a cost-effective manner. With most households only using their fireplace a few months out of the year, it’s easy to forget or to assume that your fireplace and chimney doesn’t have to be maintained from year to year. If you fail to maintain your chimney, you could be placing you and your family in a lot of danger. Without proper maintenance, any of the following scenarios can happen:

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Building Beyond Code: Taking Pride in the Job

Although building codes may seem like unnecessary bureaucratic rules at times, it’s important to remember the codes have a reason as they prevent structural failures.

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