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Three Great Ideas for Your Kitchen’s New Look

Your kitchen is one of the places you spend the most time in your home. When your family is getting ready for their day, your kitchen can be a gathering place for your family to share time together at breakfast. At parties, everyone seems to congregate around the counter or kitchen island.

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Turn Your Bathroom into An Oasis With a Complete Remodel

Your home’s bathroom is the place where you start your day and where you go to relax and unwind in a hot bath or shower. It’s easy to underestimate its importance, but having a beautiful bathroom can add to your home’s value and make your home more inviting. A great bathroom remodel will marry functionality and form, creating a beautiful and welcoming environment you will appreciate for many years to come. At The Construction Group in St. Paul, we offer complete carpentry and remodeling services to meet any needs. Read on to learn more about how we can turn your home’s bathroom into a truly welcoming oasis with a complete remodel.

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Simple Summer Carpentry Projects for Your Home

With summer comes a time for entertaining guests, children are home from school, and with daylight savings time you tend to spend a bit more time at home in the afternoons and evenings. These factors all make for a great time to conduct simple home repairs and upgrades to make the house more comfortable and inviting. A contractor has the tools and experience to do simple jobs in a few days rather than weeks so you don't have the ongoing mess of a job which homeowners tend to start but never finish, whether because a friend doesn't follow through and help or because they realize the project is a bit more complicated than originally anticipated.

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Green Kitchen Remodel Ideas That Don't Break the Bank

Remodeling your kitchen is a delightful way to achieve a fresh look and incorporate a sustainable design. Unfortunately, a green kitchen remodel can easily break the budget. Fortunately, you can protect the environment by trying these three budget-friendly, green kitchen ideas.

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Contractors and the Services they Provide: Good, Better, and Best

As a homeowner you've probably worked with a contractor on occasion but it's likely not someone you work with regularly. When a job comes up and you need a contractor for either repairs or upgrades and renovations, there are a few aspects of the business you should be aware of before hiring. You know to get three price quotes, but price isn't the end-all, be-all consideration toward who you hire. Of course you want the best price, but just as important is for the job to be conducted professionally and efficiently, and done right.

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How to Plan Your Bathroom Remodel

The design of your bathroom is one of the wow-factors when it comes to your home. It is one of the rooms people look at to assess the overall value of your home. It’s also a place where you expect to find comfort. If you find that your bathroom isn’t all that you dreamt it would be, remodeling your bathroom is a good option for you. However, before you hire a general contractor, it’s important to plan appropriately for your bathroom remodel.

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Replacement Countertop Styles

When a house is built, it is often provided with functional yet basic and generic countertop. The reason is so the house will appeal to more potential buyers than custom countertops may attract, but now that you’ve bought the house there’s no reason not to upgrade to countertops you like better.  Today’s builders have access to a multitude of styles according to your tastes so the kitchen can become a place where you love to spend time cooking for yourself, friends, and family.

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